Who is the "pacecarguy" anyway ??

Welcome to my personal website !

My name is Bob Kirsch, and I have been an avid Corvette fan and owner since buying my first new Corvette shortly after my 21st Birthday, a 1978 Red Coupe with Red interior . Today I currently own the three cars pictured above (a 2006 Silver Custom Coupe, and the 2007 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car and 2010 Camaro SS Indy 500 Pace car Editions), plus a new 2011 Camaro SS Indy 500 Pace car edition.

I was happy with that '78 for 11 years, and during that time, it looked very different from year to year since I caught the "customizing bug". I first started out with the basics.... pinstriping, after market wheels and the like. But before long, I became friends with the guys at American Custom Industries in Sylvania, Ohio and I turned into a virtual George Barris of sorts, really taking my cars to the max.

This "obsession" continued over the years, and the quality of my designs and the workmanship became exceptional as I purchased and customized my 1985 Coupe, then the 1998, and so on..... Stop by my "Custom Corvette" page to read the whole story !

But then it was like someone turned on a lightbulb.... I first "Saw The Light" in October of 2004, when I decided it was time to purchase a second Corvette as an "investment vehicle". After deciding on a Corvette Indy 500 Pace car Edition, I located my '95
"far far away" in a small town in Arkansas and did the deed. I've loved the car ever since - right up to the point I sold it to buy my second Pace Car !

Now like my obsession with Customs, well, you know what happened.....I don't own "just replicas". My Indy Pace cars have a Speedway history ! My '95 was Track car #137 (1 of 75 Track cars), and was "fully dressed" (wearing all Pace Car graphics including the original Track Event decals), fully documented as a Track vehicle, had only 11,000 miles on it when I bought it (12,600 at sale time in 2007) and ran like a Brand New Corvette !

My love of Indy 500 Pace cars has continued to grow over the years, having taken delivery immediately after the 2007 race of a new Indy 500 Track car (#18) to add to my stable and replace that great '95. Again, fully documented with all of the associated memorabilia.

But wait, there's more .... in 2010 I broke tradition and bought my first Camaro - and yes, it's also an Indy 500 Pace / Festival car used during the 2010 Indy 500, also carrying the #18. What is the significance of this purchase you ask (maybe?)? Well you will need to surf over to my Pace Car page and find out ! And then again in 2011, another Camaro ?? Yes, this time track car #17 !

But back to "Who is the pacecarguy" question now....

Like I said above, just a long time Corvette / Indy Pace car owner and fan! I've been very active in Corvette organizations, and now focus on just one, The Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car Registry. I currently hold two offices - I am the 2007 Pace car Director, and also the Communications Director, meaning one of my tasks is to maintain our website.

I'm also a lifetime member of the National Corvette Museum.

So, I hope you enjoy following my travels across the country (past and future) in my Corvettes and Camaro as I will be photo documenting the numerous places and events I attend over the years. i will also be posting updates on my Blog. So sit back, and start surfing using the navigation menu at the top of each page - and ENJOY ! Let the adventures begin !

Bob Kirsch
Email : bob@pacecarguy.com

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